Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 10 - Putt putt putty take 2

With the new fill in luggage system secured to the bike all was set for our renewed assault on the road from Winsor to Singleton in the Upper Hunter.
As we turned to the right on to Hambledon road the very considerate person in the right lane pulled out just in front of us and moved across into the left lane. The new rules do allow for this as in the past you had to go to the lane you were in. We don't want to talk about what I thought at the time. Count to ten slowly...
With all the not get ant where travel from the previous day I went as far as Colo Heights to fill the bike up. It was a different trip without the trailer on the back
We decided that we need a few items of undies and socks, with some jeans and jumpers as well to keep the load down.
A silent cheer went up as we passed the place we made it to the day before. The road was still a bit divited and the rear end found the limit of its travel on the shockies, this was giving the passenger some bits of wake up.
The Putty road has had some major improvements from 25 years ago but for some reason the speed limits have gotten lower so it now takes you longer to travel, it still is some of the most beautiful mountains in the state.
Passing out of the putty and the 10 mile I remember Mark, I worked with him and he died a few months before I was married.
Finally got through all the ripped up areas of the mines, will they put the land back to it’s original contors and shape when the ripe all the wealth they can? Or is that some of our grandkids problem? If so we need to educate them so they know how.
Had lunch and refuelled in Muswellbrook and made a call to see Neil #4 son.

He works at a turf farm and looks quite happy.
Going over the bridge I noticed the colour of the water, the only time it was dirty was when it had flooded, I was told it was only after the conveyor was put under the river that the water downstream is always that dirty. Government hay?
Neil told me that Eddy was out of hospital and at home in Aberdeen, so this was our next stop. Both he and Jenny are well. I have not seen them since our dads funeral 8 years ago. Had a chat with them and headed for Tamworth and my hermit oldest brother. It still gets cold up through Murrurundi at this time of year. Trying to find it in the dark was great. Rough road, bad memory for directions, and the thought “can’t these people find a place with no dirt road and corrugates?”

Colin is still the same very much happier out on the land with cattle and horses. I received a foul look when asked “where are the sheep?” I don’t think he likes them very much. But he is happy.

Said our farewells and headed for Manilla and Dave and Terese Williams. After getting directions from some torch waving loony at the corner I proceeded up the wrong street to have a look at a house for sale. They all thought I got lost! HA

What a warm welcome we received, for a lot of our old friends this is the first time they have seen Russ grown up. For some reason his height comes up in comparison to mine. We are fed and we talk till the early hours of the morning. This is happening a lot on this trip for some reason.
I am pulling up really good at the end of each leg that we travel and this is really a surprise to all.

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