Monday, August 1, 2011

Manilla to Wingham

Awake to a very sunny frosty morning, these I do not miss.

I find it really hard to leave places and wish I had more time to spend with the important friends in this life. Had a look at the very large outfit (more sidecars and rolling of the eyes) The Suzi Boulevard? Is a huge monster by itself without fitting a chair to it. Well you can’t complain about lack of power.

Got loaded up and directions for a shortcut to Bendemeer – the final section of the Oxley to Port Macquarie. The last time I was this way was for the 10 anniversary of the Long flat (Forbes River) rally in 1991. It’s still rough in places, but some of the best scenery in the state. It still attracts the boy racers by the score.
Stop at Walcha for fuel for bike and us, a chance to sit in the sunshine. We heard a small engine coming down the street and it was small wishbone shaped 3 wheeler with its occupant secured in a wheel chair, anything is possible!
Off again into more windy bits, complete with all the shadowy wet bits which caused some small step outs of the rear wheel! These make me a bit more nervous. And it is always in the windiest part that parts of your body wave their bits for attention ie: bladder, nose, itchy parts even fart pains makes a show at trying to shift you on the seat. The road over is still rough in the not smooth places and just keeps the smooth bits apart so they cannot propagate into a complete smooth surface.
Stopped at the big round-a-bout on the highway for more fuel all-round, then followed the road to Taree and on to Wingham, this bit was a bit boring and the only interest was the "I can’t see that shiny blue police car sitting between the bridges". Got more directions to get to Matts place, follow the detour into town and follow the signs to the gun club? Yep on dusk and with traffic up ya ass I got plenty of time to read through the novel length signs as you come into town. So go straight through and find a public dunny and ring little brother to come and get us, accompanied with all the shit about not been able to find my way. Guess what more rough streets to go navigate through and my favourite the fine gravel on the intersections just to see if you are awake. Another dirt driveway to go up as well! yipppppeeeeeeeeeeee.
Well we made it to another brother’s house and an added point bonus is I haven’t seen mum in almost 2 weeks so what a surprise and treat this is.

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