Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 13 - Gresford to Wollongong

A good night sleep does wonders to the aches and pains.
Had a chat with the youngest brother about all sort of things. Got myself and the bike out of the swamp without dropping it. That was not the worst; I got me new boots dirty and covered with mud. Just something else that has to be cleaned.

Headed off to visit Rod at Greta. It’s funny how some people do not change as we age, Rod is one of those.

On me bike and off to Cessnock to visit Uncle Bruce and Aunty Verle, as Russ rolls his eyes about more sidecar chatter. So much like my dad but so different. After more tea and bickies but no lamingtons we depart for the trip to Wollongong to retrieve the repaired trailer and bits. I can still find my way after taking the wrong turn or is it I don’t read the signs.

The easy way to the gong is down the freeway to Sydney and follow the signs to Canberra and turn off to go down Mt Oosly and find Kev’s place again. Haven’t seen them for years and then they can’t get rid of me.
What a great way to spend a Sunday arvo by riding through the Sydney traffic. Hooray!
This time I remembered to change helmets with Russ, as the tinted visor makes night riding a bit of a challenge when going into the gong. And I have to mention that my son reminded me that part of the road is for traffic coming the other way so I have to keep to the left. He takes all the fun out of my old age!

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