Welcome to this slice of the blogosphere. On Wednesday the 13th of July Andy turned 50. On Thursday the 14th of July Andy turned 50.0027. When it became Monday the 18th of July, and Andy was 50.011, and took off on a “feeling the breeze” motorcycle tour. Dad and I left Whyalla on a 1991 750cc Zepher (Kawasaki for those playing at home) and hope to finish with something that resembles the same.

The point on the trip to spend dads 50th birthday with the people he knows and loves in his home town and then go for a ride to see the people who could not make it. Me being the type who loves to jump onto coat tails thought it would be a fun to hang out with my Dad for three weeks.

Nine months ago when we (i.e. Dad) started planning this trip, I did not have a motorcycle licence that I could call my own, and after a little research, we found out that if I booked the next weekends availale to do the Rider Training, I would still be on my L’s during the trip. I was either going to have to putt along beside him, struggling through the Snowy's, or I could hop on the bike with him.

Riding Bitch sounded like less work to me.

We have no plans or itinerary set in concrete for this trip, but we are going to follow the Murray River for some time and see where it takes us. Will bring you updates when they come to hand...