Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 0 - To wellington

Dad arrived at my house in Adelaide around 2pm; we spent the next hour piss farting around finalising packing decisions and a game of 3D Tetris with the trailer. When we were set, we were off, and off to a flyer we were. We made it out of my driveway and already we needed a pit stop for another hocky strap and to put air in the rear tire.
Stopping for air put us in the best position to start catching traffic along the Prices Highway. It was the first time ever for me to be on a motorcycle on an expressway exposed to all the morons surrounded by metal cages. People drive closer than they think to bikes. Good times.
We followed the expressway to Mount Barker and then headed toward Langhorne Creek. Nice rolling flat country. They could do with a few more vineyards though; I reckon I saw one or two paddocks yet to be converted.
Then down along Wellington Road through Mulgundawa, pass Boggy Lake where the wind picked up a little, and then on through to Wellington and got in just as the sun was going down. No time for photos, best to get the tent up in light not from a torch. Less likely to not forget pegs that way.
Dad and I had dinner at the Wellington Hotel and chanced across schnitzel night. Jackpot.
The evening started giving us dew at 6. It is going to be a cold one tonight, but it will probably be the warmest for a while... it is 9 degrees in the tent.

Let the fun begin... stop snoring Dad...

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