Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day One Tuesday My first blog

What can I say but after all these years I slept in past 7.
I woke up at 9:30 and the sun had not hit the tent as yet, so we had to roll it up a bit soggy.
Russ and I think that by the end of this trip we will have 18 ways to pack the trailer.
I had to wind the pre loadup to the max on the bike and all the rebound and dampening as well and we still bottom out on some of the bumpier sections, this will happen all the way.
I asked the lady at the park if the A frame was the same and she said that it was but they don't use the upstairs area any more. I told her that my wife and I and a mate (Taylor) stayed there in 1981 on our way from the Worlds End rally to the first Big Desert rally near Kaniver in Victoria.

We set off and crossed the river at the Talem Bend Ferry and followed the highway along the river to Murray Bridge and had lunch. When Russ got off the bike he said that he was feeling a bit yak as he was when we left Wellington.
QUESTION are all the people from Murray Bridge always unhappy?
We wandered off towards Mannum the temperature as we rode along fluctuated when the clouds in their spaced dissorder hide the sunny sun from our frost bitten apendages.

Next stop on our willy-willy tour is Swan Reach, this we think is were Russ takes in a bungie pasty (as we found later) my pie was great it was a plane non oral returning type.
We sat with our attension on some well feed persons trying to catch their staffy that had excaped from the vehicle as the atom enhanced boy was slow to react when he opened the door.
There was much chuckles.

We left the great Populated area and headed for Blanchtown, a bike with more suspension would have been great.
We wound our way along the river with glimpses of it over the rolling hills and through the scrubby trees.
The ares around the river have some cultivation, but the extent of watered areas dose not look like farming from other parts of the country.

We motored through Blanchtown and on to Wakerie, we were going to stop there but had missed the carravan park so we travelled on to Kingston on Murray, which is a few k's off the left of the road.
We had no sooner pulled up and Russ broke the "shit I have to get me helmet off" record as the bungy pasty made it's visit.
We set our tent up and got settled in for an evening of country frostbite, We had tea and was just sitting about discussing the way atoms play in the world and we just happened to glance encouragingly at the thermometer and it was sitting there with a smug look knowing that it will not be affected b y the information it was relaying to any that cared to look. It was 0.5 deg C
Russ had a very long sleep and woke refreshed and looking forward to trawing out cause it was F*^%#%G cold.

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