Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 7 & 8 - Syd-d-d-d-d-ney!

And what a winner it is, if you are selling GPS units that is.

If you are, sell one to Dad because we manage to take a scenic route through Sydney without seeing anything. Many a times we passed a sign pointing to the direction that we wanted to go, but the bike was pointing otherwise. Many a times we had a team sigh as we went around the block to u-turn.

We pulled up at Auntie Chris' place around 4:30pm Monday afternoon, to an empty house, but with a full bladder. The back gate was open and we pushed the bike behind, and the backdoor was open. I had never seen Dad move so fast, if it wasn't for the bungee pasty earlier in the trip it would have held the land speed record, he was in the back door with a bee line to the toilet.

Jim was having a nap inside, so it was all cool.

We spent Monday evening talking and drinking tea. Auntie Chris and Jim came up for Dad's party, so we re-lived some of the moments. We had cake and biscuits, more tea, and eventually dinner. My cousin came over and we all hung out more.

On Tuesday, Auntie Chris had a day off work and we went to the pictures. In 2D, the way movies are meant to be, we saw the last Harry Potter. A satisfying end to a good series, but this is not movie review sight.

Tuesday afternoon, Dad went to work paying our rent. Every time Dad visits Auntie Chris he does odd jobs around her house; fixing things here and there. I walked down to the train station and went for a trip into the city to organise a birthday present, and to learn a few new swear words from the kids leaving school. Oh yeah, I talk street with the kids.

A roast dinner for, let’s say dinner, and strudel for dessert, and then we spent the evening looking up clips on YouTube. It was very modern. The next few days we were planning on seeing some family around the Hunter Valley; it didn't go quite to plan.

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