Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wollongong rest time

A good night sleep was all we needed to catch up and get over the aches from resting the bike on its side. Well may be.
Not caught up with Kev and Shar for some years. It is always good to chat with them, Bloody sidecars thinks Russ.

Well I enjoyed myself plenty.
We were late to rise and eat and slowly made me way to the shed to repair the damage to the gear lever that was bent by my foot when we laid down, lubed the chain and checked the oil.
This was finished and the day was ours.
We (I) was privileged to watch some sidecar video, I have always been a fan of this type of racing having been on side cars since 18, any idiot can drive a car and lean a bike.
Saw Shar’s mum and dad, it’s been a while.
At night we watched the old ozzi movie The Sidecar Racer with Wendy Hughs flashing her bits. It shows the old speedway at Sydney show ground. The acting was not great but a good movie with the cream of ozi actors.
Monday was again a slow start and get ready for the trip to Sydney. This was a great delivery of mirth to those present after being given an old set of leathers that I used to own and the boots from Nyssa. With a sore knee and leg trying to get them on was quite a tyre fitting exercise, but they still fit.

These could have been useful to have when the temperature was low on the trip. So we suited up and headed for Blacktown and away we went for the short ride.

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