Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 3 - Swans to the Hill

Well we had our wagon facing the sun as it yelled over the trees "you idiots know its half passed winter?" Wipe the due and condensation off the tent and Tetris the trailer, again with different positions for the items.
We decided for me to wear the new boots after I talked with Russ how I should fit them on, this was a major foot in the door for me as at the end of the day my footsies were not hurting.

Away we went again after fueling up the bike. With the weight and the winds, with an 18 litre tank we get 220 K's per tank, I am very happy with this and it allows us to rest a bit every 2 1/2 hours.
The day was sunny and breezy but we were travelling well and wanted to get to Swan Hill about lunch time.
At one of our little stops we were talking about the bike and I made the comment that I was getting a lot of vibration through the handle bars, we checked it out before we mounted up and found the right side of the tyre was scrubbed down to passed the tread, we put this down to some of the surfaces and the constant wind from the right. The tread was good before we left.
We arrived in Swan Hill and found the local Honda shop had a tyre to fit, so after some currency was exchanged we had a new tyre fitted and balanced.
Next stop was The Pioneer Village.
Russ said that we will see the rest of the village before we annoy the blacksmiths.
We had a look at all the old engines and tractors. Russ found an old Harley in the shed with an old single Triumph, these need some work done on them.
Russ got a wanted poster done for me, but its all lies I tell you and I've been framed.
We called in and had our photos done in some old clothes (they came from my cupboard?)

We left the village just before closing time and sought us a bed for the night that didn't come with flies. The room we got was just up from the village and across from a Laundromat, so we washed some clothes, had tea and went to our room that was not bellow 20 degs.

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